Quiero conocer a un rockero latinoamericano

The class is going to investigate popular Latin American music. Latin American music includes many different styles. While you are working, you should think about how the music that you learn about is similar to music in the United States and how it is different.
The class is going to create a database of facts about individuals and groups that are popular in Latin America. You will find information about the artists, pictures and samplings of music. Your will give a brief presentation on your artist. After all of the presentations, you will vote for the artist that you like the most. At the conclusion of the presentations, you should be familiar with a number of Latin American artists and may even decide to purchase some of their cds!
1. Find a partner.
2. Look over the list of artists and choose two to investigate. __Artist list__ if you would like another artist, por favor, check w/ teacher first.
3. Fill out a form for each artist with the following facts:
__Blank form__
4. Presentation to the class - 3 - 5 minutes
5. Vote for your favorite artist. __Ballot__
6. Present results. (in power point form)
  • Description - individual or group / male or female
  • Style - pop, rock etc.
  • Albums - year of first album, number of albums, connections to other groups etc.
  • Successes - Awards won or nominated for / well-known songs / platinum records
  • Web - Is there an official website for the artist?
  • Visuals - one or two photos
  • Audio / Video - a sampling of one or two songs
  • Commentary - additional information
Web resources (although you may find your own as well)__Billboard__
__La musica__
__All music__
__Grammy Latino__

Read the __rubric__ to see what I will be grading you on.

You have heard many examples of popular Latin American music. I hope that you have also considered the initial questions as you listened to the presentations. Do you think that music from the United States has influenced Latin American music or do you think that it is a style all its own?

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Last updated on 12/06/2005