You are going to be the author of an original children’s story! Your story will be a minimum of 15 sentences with a minimum of 10 pages. You will incorporate the preterite and the imperfect and your new vocabulary (Chapter 3). You have 2 options for your story. You may:
  1. Handwrite (neatly) and hand draw illustrations. Or…
  2. Type the story and use computer generated illustrations or photos.

Step 1: Create an original story. You may use un poco de magia (magic), un hechizo (curse) una tarea para cumplir (a task to fulfill), un secreto (secret), una viaje con dificultades (a difficult trip), animals que hablan (talking animals), or anything else you can come up with! Remember, when you set the scene (descriptions) and give background information, you will use the imperfect.
Frases útiles: Había una vez (Once upon a time) o Érase una vez (Once upon a time) Hacía mucho años (A long time ago…)
Step 2: Create the next steps in your story. Use the preterite to tell us what happened. You can use the following expressions to continue the action in your story.
Al día siguiente (the following day) Entonces (then)
Al final (finally, the end) Immediatemente (immediately)
Al principio (at the beginning) Tan pronto como (as soon as)
De repente (suddenly) al mismo tiempo (at the same time)
Step 3: Tell us how the characters felt, what they were thinking, what they were going to do. Use the imperfect for this step.
Step 4: Use the preterite to indicate how your story ends.
Step 5: Illustrate each page of your story. Remember, children’s books are usually illustrated simply, but illustrations must be in color. Put the book or computer presentation together.
Step 6: Practice reading your story as you will present it to the class. Practice fluency, pronunciation and voice inflection.
Suggestion: I would love to read over your rough draft before you finish!
150 points, Due April 10th
Have fun and be creative!!!

Rubric for the Children’s Story, 150 points possible
25-30 points
La Maestra
Imperfect and preterite conjugation
You demonstrated knowledge of the difference between the preterite and imperfect and when to use them. No mistakes.
You used the preterite and imperfect correctly most of the time. One or two mistakes.
You made 3-5 errors when using the preterite and imperfect in your story.
You made 5 or more errors when using the preterite and imperfect.
You didn’t conjugate any verbs correctly in the preterite and imperfect.

All of your sentences are grammatically correct. Excellent use of new and old vocabulary. Good use of pronouns.
You made just a couple mistakes in sentence structure. Good use of new and old vocabulary. At lest one pronoun used.
You made 3-5 errors in your sentence structure and limited use of new and old vocabulary.
You rarely use correct sentence/grammar structures in your story. No new vocabulary used.
You do not use and implement grammatical structures learned or reviewed this year.

Your story is very coherent and cohesive. You demonstrate an excellent grasp of the concepts. Your story includes more than required.
Your story is well written and easy to understand.
Your project is well organized.
Your story is average. I understood the content. You met the minimum
I had some trouble understanding your story. Some grammer mistakes made it difficult to read.
You failed to meet any of the requirement for this project. No effort on your part.

Interesting, fun, creative and well done illustrations. Your drawings or pictures are relevant to the story.
Good use of illustrations. Pictures are relevant to the story.
Your story has some illustration but some are not relevant or missing.
Lacking sufficient illustrations or the pictures have no relevance to the story.
No illustrations in your story.

Presented and spoke at a 2nd year level. You had excellent pronunciation and showed fluency. Obvious preparedness
You spoke at the 2nd year level. Some words were mispronounced but overall presentation was good.
You presented your story at slightly below the 2nd year level. Your fluency was fair.
You simply read your story without any fluency or pronunciation. No obvious effort to practice before presenting.
You presented at a 1st year level. Many mistakes and you clearly did not prepare to share your story.

Please turn in this self evaluation with your project.